Luxembourg Workshop 2022

A ECREA Communication History Section Workshop, co-sponsored by the ICA Communication History Division

History of Digital Media and Digital Media Historiography

2-4 February 2022Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH), University of Luxembourg 

The digital turn has had a transformative effect on all media, and it has also influenced the way in which media and communication history is shaped, written and disseminated. 

For this workshop, the ECREA Communication History Section called for scholarly presentations that shed light on changes and continuities in the process of digitalisation, both now and in the past, or that explore historical practices, with the aim of providing a new perspective on media and communication studies and historiography in the digital age. 

The goal is to improve our understanding of the transition to digital technologies in various media (e.g. computerisation in media devices, digital production and practices, hybrid broadcasting or online switching), the overlaps between analogue and digital and the various issues raised by this transition, and the challenges, patterns, adaptations and controversies that have emerged during the process. The legacies of analogue and past models in current digital practices are also crucial if we are to understand the media response to the emergence of digitalisation. Finally, the way in which these changes have affected and transformed the work of media and communication historians is also a central theme of the workshop. We will also explore the way in which media and communication historiography has adapted, integrated, questioned and analysed media history in recent decades as a result of digital technologies, whether digitised or born-digital sources, databases, the “data deluge”, computational methods and new digital narratives.

Our confirmed keynote speakers for this workshop are: 

  • Claude Mussou (National Audiovisual Institute (INA), France) on the INA’s digitized and “augmented” archive 
  • Niels Brügger (Aarhus University, Denmark) on “Media Events: Dayan & Katz Revisited in the Light of Digital Media”

Special hands-on sessions and training

The local host (C2DH) will also organise some hands-on sessions related to digital tools and methods during the workshop, on topics such as digitised press, Zotero, etc. 

Local organisers: Valérie Schafer and Carmen Noguera, C2DH, University of Luxembourg,

ECREA Communication History Section management team: Gabriele Balbi, Institute of Media and Journalism, USI Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland),

The workshop is co-sponsored by the ICA Communication History Division.