COVID-19 from the Margins

Theory on Demand #40
COVID-19 from the Margins.
Pandemic Invisibilities, Policies and Resistance in the Datafied Society
Edited by Stefania Milan, Emiliano Treré and Silvia Masiero

In the first pandemic of the datafied society, the disempowered were denied a voice in the heavily quantified mainstream narrative. Featuring stories of invisibility, injustice, hope and resistance, this book gives voice to communities at the margins in the Global South and beyond. The multilingual, polycentric and pluriversal narration invites the reader to enact and experience “Big Data from the South(s)” as a decolonial lens to read the pandemic.

Authors: Claudio Agosti, Thomas Aureliani, Anat Ben-David, Anna Berti Suman, Luiza Bialasiewicz, Nic Bidwell, Tiziano Bonini, Jelke Bosma, Olga Bronnikova, Diego Cerna Aragón, Herkulaas MVE Combrink, Donna Cormack, Arianna Cortesi, Angela Daly, Soumyo Das, Françoise Daucé, Philip Di Salvo, Alexandra Elliott, Ksenia Ermoshina, Marta Espuny Contreras, Maria Faust, Nicolas Foster, Peter Füssy, Larissa Galdino de Magalhães Santos, Alex Gekker, Ana Maria R. Gomes, Simone Gomes, Ana Guerra, Arne Hintz, Hossein Kermani, Shyam Krishna, Tahu Kukutai, Justin Lau, Yoren Lausberg, Joan López, Sol Luca de Tena, Claudia Magnani, Vukosi Marivate, José Otávio A. L. Martins, Silvia Masiero, Isael Maxakali, Sueli Maxakali, Kinoko Merini, Stefania Milan, Eva Mos, Oarabile Mudongo, Francesca Musiani, Elaine Nsoesie, Adriaan Odendaal, Irene Ortiz, Bella Ostromooukhova, Erinne Paisley, Annalisa Pelizza, Marie-Cathering Petersmann, Julián Cordoba Pivotto, Irene Poetranto, Preeti Raghunath, Massimo Ragnedda, Ricardo H. D. Rohm, Roberto Romero, Maria Laura Ruiu, Javier Sánchez Monedero, Maria Soledad Segura, Paula C.P. Silva, Raquel Tarullo, Niels ten Oever, Emiliano Treré, Niels van Doorn, Teresa Villaseñor, Silvio Waisbord, Anna Zaytseva, Karla Zavala Barreda, Iran Zhao, Nicolo Zingales

Editors: Stefania Milan, Emiliano Treré and Silvia Masiero

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Media, Telecommunications and Empire

These seminar series designed by Sarah Nelson (Ambrose Monell Fellow for Technology & Democracy (JSF), PhD Candidate, Vanderbilt University) in conjunction with the Forum for Interdisciplinary Dialogue at UVA (co-sponsored by the Columbia Center for Comparative Media) is called “Media, Telecommunications, and Empire: Analytics of Power— old and new— in an Interdisciplinary Field.”

Visit the conference website here.

Next session : Telecommunications. Infrastructure, Capitalism and Empire.

Tuesday, March 9, 12:00 pm EST

Call for Submissions: American Journalism: A Journal of Media History Digital Reviews Section

Are you interested in writing a digital media review for American Journalism: A Journal of Media History? I am currently collecting reviews for forthcoming issues. Reviews should be 700 to 800 words, and they can be of any website, digital archive, or film dealing with media history, broadly defined. (For example, you could write about one of the digital archives you might have consulted while researching a book or journal article, the digital archive at your own university, or a piece of popular media that engages with relevant historical topics or issues.) Please contact me at for more information. The next round of reviews is due by May 20th, 2021.