Old Media Persistence. Post-conference program. September 10, 2021

A remote postconference co-organized by three ECREA Thematic Sections: Communication History, Radio and Sound, Television Studies

Time Zone is CEST (Central European Summer Time).

9.00-9.15: Introduction (Belén Monclús, Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Lozano, Valérie Schafer)

9.15-10.30: Panel 1 

Old and New: persistence and co-existence

Chair: Berber Hagedoorn

  • Gabriele Balbi, Old media persistence in the digital era. A theory
  • Anne F. MacLennan, Radio old and new: Persistence of Canadian radio broadcasting in a digital world
  • Jutta Roeser & Jo Marie Dominiak, How old and new music media coexist in everyday life: Media consumption between dynamics and persistence

10.30-10.45: Virtual coffee break 

10.45-12.00: Panel 2 

Audiovisual transformations: Continuities and inspirations  

Chair: Christian Schwarzenegger

  • Josep Maria Martí, Belén Monclús, Maria Gutiérrez, Xavier Ribes & Pau Lluis, The Spanish radio industry at the digital crossroad
  • Paloma López Villafranca & Silvia Olmedo Salar, The transformation of radio drama into sound fiction on radio stations and audio platforms in Spain  
  • Andreas Schellewald, Locating the popular pleasures of TikTok historically

12.00-13.00: Virtual Lunch break

13.00-14.30: Panel 3 

Live and let die: Survival, re-emergence and nostalgia  

Chair: Salvatore Scifo

  • Jacob Ørmen, Rasmus Helles, & Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Mass media are dying – Long live mass communication!
  • Jonas Harvard & Ingela Wadbring, Let print die! Radical digital innovation in a Swedish local newspaper conglomerate and the idea of outdated “old media”
  • João Pereira de Matos, Beyond nostalgia and emulation: Teletext as an ontotechnology of resistance
  • Shellie McMurdo & Laura Mee, Haunted tape: Video, horror and nostalgia

14.30-14.45: Virtual Coffee break 

14.45-16.15: Panel 4 

Persisting Practices

Chair: Nazan Haydari 

  • Philipp Seuferling, Persisting media practices: An approach to historicize media in contexts of refugee governance
  • Sergio Minniti, A “biographical” approach to retromedia practices: The case of Polaroidism
  • Juliette de Maeyer & Will Mari, Acoustic phone couplers: An enduring analog-to-digital “bridge” technology for news workers
  • Alexia Cappuccio, Can the radio still produce quality journalistic information? Work, roles, and news production of the French public radio journalists

16.15: Concluding remarks (Gabriele Balbi, Berber Hagedoorn, Nazan Haydari)

To register and join the virtual program through Webex, please send an email to valerie.schafer@uni.lu until September 8, 2021. 

For more information, please visit the post-conference website: https://oldnewspersistence.com/