PhD in media history at the Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG), Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, USI Università della Svizzera italiana

The Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG) in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at USI (Università della Svizzera italiana) invites applications for 1 fully-funded PhD position (4 years), supervised by Prof. Gabriele Balbi. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, the candidate will earn a PhD in Communication Sciences.

The PhD position

PhD candidate will be expected to design and carry out research in the field of media and communication history, with a specific focus on maintenance of communication infrastructures and maintenance of media in diachronic perspective. Maintenance can be declined in different perspectives: politics of maintenance and the relation to power, economics and business of maintenance for private companies, the social construction of “maintenance cultures”, the persistence and longue durée of communication technologies because of maintenance, the lack of maintenance and the abandonment of communication infrastructures, and others. The candidates should advance their theoretical framework, timeframes, methodological angles, and case studies. They will be discussed during the interview and later can be refined and changed during the research.

The PhD should author and present papers at conferences and write a monography or cumulative PhD consisting of three peer reviewed journal articles.
She/he will also be expected to provide support for the activities at IMeG, including support for teaching, research projects, service, and organization of events. Specifically, the candidate will be engaged in the “Global Media and Internet Concentration Project”, of which the Institute is the Swiss partner (see concentration-project). (Read more in the file enclosed: deadline for application, candidate’s profile, etc. )