CfP: “Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Algorithms, Internet of Things, Social Media, Automation, Robotics and Cybernetics: Historical and STS Perspectives from Mediterranean/ Southern/Southeastern Europe”

International Digital Workshop, June 29th 2021 (10 am – 6pm, CET) as part of the ‘Tensions of Europe Digital Workshop Festival’, 28 June-2 July 2021.

The workshop aims to advance scholarly research and discussion on the appropriation, localization, adaptation, adjustment, maintenance, repair, use and reconfiguration in use of computing and related technologies in the context of Mediterranean, Southern and Southeastern Europe. We are interested in contributions that rely on historical and STS perspectives in order to address issues of relevance to the discourses and materialities of computing technology and science. Especially welcomed are: papers that address critically the rhetoric of universalism surrounding computing and related technologies; papers on the co-shaping of technology and society, from angles that take into account issues of relevance to work, leisure, gender, race, ethnicity, disability and borders/migration; and papers on the public history of computing and related technologies, which are in conversation with fields like Cultural and Media Studies, Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies, Digital History, Science Communication, Digital Heritage and Digital Humanities.

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Call for Papers: Telecrisis

(Extension of abstract submission: 31 December 2020)

Workshop 30 June 2021 (web-based workshop) and preparation for a special issue/edited volume

“Telecrisis”. Co-producing crisis and (tele-)communication technologies.

Historical and STS perspectives on governance, design and use


Leonard Laborie, UMR Sirice, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France

Stathis Arapostathis and Yannis Fotopoulos, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

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Call for Papers ECREA Communication History Section Workshop, Vienna 2019

Vienna, 11-13 September 2019 – Austrian Academy of Sciences

Jeopardizing Democracy throughout History: Media as Accomplice, Adversary or Amplifier of Populist and Radical Politics

Populism appears to be on the rise for several years now and extreme ideologies as well as radical politics strive for power in many European democracies and around the globe. Public debate and political pundits suggest that there is a link between the proliferation of radical politics, trenches of polarization between political camps and across societies on the one side and contemporary media environments on the other. The emphasis on allegedly new phenomena such as fake news, echo chambers, hate speech or digital platforms as drivers of political polarization and as vessels of agitation, often neglects that mediated communication has always played a vital role in both safeguarding democracy as well as putting it in jeopardy.

For this workshop, the ECREA Communication History Section invites scholarly presentations to shed light on political communication that fosters populist and radical politics in a historical perspective and across various political and cultural settings in Europe and beyond, to learn from the past for contemporary challenges.

The goal is to understand the role media played as potential accomplices or carriers of populist agitation (e.g. in autocratic regimes or out of commercial premises), and as amplifiers of extreme political positions or groups and populist sentiment (e.g. sensationalist and simplistic reporting or excessive coverage for populist tropes). Media and mediated communication can however also act as countering forces and adversaries of radical politics and aim to tame blatant populism or maintain forums for civilized debate. The workshop is also interested in works that help to deconstruct or re-evaluate assumptions about counter publics, alternative media, both for democratically progressive or rather revisionist and reactionary goals, and it aims to assemble a broad portfolio of perspectives on the topic covering a variety of historical periods, national or supranational settings and media involved. We are interested in research that addresses the full scope of media history from early prints to the digital age.

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Save the date !

Our Biannual Workshop is approaching !


When ? 11-13 September 2019.

Where? In Vienna at The Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW).

Topic/Title ? “Jeopardizing Democracy throughout History. Media as Accomplice, Adversary or Amplifier of Populist and Radical Politics”.

Call for paper will be out soon !